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hold back again, arrest, convert again, include, halt, Examine - keep back, as of a Hazard or an enemy; Test the growth or affect of; "Arrest the downward craze"; "Check the growth of communism in South East Asia"; "Consist of the rebel movement"; "Flip back the tide of communism"

16. to maintain a person in a certain state. Really don't maintain us in suspense, what was the final determination? hou يُبْقي държа manter udržovat abhalten holde hen κρατώtener pidama, hoidma نگه داشتن pitää avoir lieu לְהַחֲזִיק किसी स्तर पर किसी चीज को रखना držati u istom stanju tart menahan, membuat halda upp á, fagna tenere 催す 어떤 상태를 유지하게 하다 laikyti turēt kādu (noteiktā emocionālā stāvoklī) jgn biarkan seseorang terus houden ; laten (av)holde; feire przetrzymać نظر ساتل realizar a se ţine держать udržiavať (v napätí) proslavljati držati hålla ดึงรั้ง bırakmak 讓某人保持在某狀態 тримати کسی کو کسی خاص حالت میں رکھنا giữ yên 使保持同样程度,让某人保持在某状态 tenir

think, believe, conceive, think about - choose or regard; glimpse on; judge; "I believe he is extremely wise"; "I feel her being really sensible"; "I think that He's her boyfriend"; "The racist deserts conceives these types of people today to become inferior"

acknowledge, admit - declare for being legitimate or admit the existence irish or reality or fact of; "He admitted his faults"; "She acknowledged that she may need overlooked"

protect - present which has a masking or bring about to get included; "go over her experience using a handkerchief"; "address the child with a blanket"; "deal with the grave with bouquets"

= Manage, have Assembly, session, debate, election → abhalten; talks → fileühren; party → diet geben; (Eccl) company → (ab)halten; products and services are held each and every Sunday at eleven am → Gottesdienst findet jeden Sonntag um eleven Uhr statt; to hold a Look at on someone/a little something → jdn/etw kontrollieren; to hold a conversation → eine Unterhaltung führen or haben, sich unterhalten

17. to rejoice. The Competition is held on 24 June. hou يَجْري، يُقام празнувам acontecer konat se innehaben fejre γιορτάζωtener lugar ; celebrarse pidama برگذار كردن pitää recepies posséder לְהֵיעֲרֵך मनाना slaviti, svetkovati tart, megünnepel merayakan eiga tenere ; avere luogo* 所有する 거행하다 švęsti svinēt meraikan houden ; viereneie ; besitte ; sitte/ligge inne medobchodzić برګذارول possuir a deţine устраивать konať sa imeti održavati hålla ฉลอง kutlamak ; yapmak 慶祝 відзначати, святкувати جشن منانا tổ chức 庆祝 tenir lloc, celebrar-se

demand, request, bespeak, quest - Specific the necessity or want for; request; "She asked for an extra mattress in her area"; "She called for area service"

Paleolithic daily fruit life expectancies were being much shorter than modern-day lifestyle expectancies, and foods and diet regime composition are among the primary motives for this variation.[3][superior�resource�desired]

Nonetheless, the validity of your evolutionary discordance speculation continues to be introduced into question by recent investigate.[23]

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